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RoboDB is a knowledge acquisition system to gather information about robotics. For the impatient: you can get quickly started by using the gigantic buttons above. There is also a Getting Started guide in the Help section that will get you up to speed.
Note that RoboDB is still in development, and therefore it is prone to bugs, incomplete or (quickly) outdated documentation. We are trying our best to improve the site, but we are always in the lookout for helping hands!
You can report bugs in the Bug reporting page or drop us a mail using the contact form


02-01-2012What a great way to start the new year: we are moving to our new home! RoboDB is moving to a new hosting service sponsored and maintained by RoboNed. We are almost done and soon we'll bring you news on the plans for a good-looking future.
27-10-2011RoboDB participated in the open competition at the Semantic Web Challenge @ ISWC 2011. Although we didn't get any prize, we definitely got excellent review for our work.
19-09-2011This week we'll be conducting some usability evaluation with the help of RoboNed. Stay tuned for the results.
15-09-2011TNO has decided to use a semantic web system inspired by RoboDB! As soon as their system is online we'll post it here.
30-08-2011We revamped the site! Checkout the new layout, home page, and the new interactive process to create graphical representations of robot structures!